Many years ago, a young woman graduated from college and sent out hundreds of resumes. In the mail. Because back then people still conducted most important correspondence the old fashioned way.

In an envelope with a stamp.

Jobs were scarce. But the young architecture graduate had high hopes. After one successful interview, she earned the title of intern architect.

Back then, as it still is today, men dominated the field of architecture. But at this particular company, there happened to be another woman. An architect. And the two became friends. Good friends. Maid of Honor type friends.

The year was 1995 and a lot has changed since then. Both women took time off from their careers to raise families. But they never lost the dream of one day working together again.

Sage Cottage Architects is the first step in making that dream a reality.

About Kim

Kim is the young graduate in the story. She’s not-so-young now and has apologized for any jokes she may have made about Lori’s age in the past.

She lives in Northern Wisconsin with her husband who is a retired Navy veteran and her two children. They also share their home with three dogs.

Kim is a licensed architect with an interest in old houses, sustainability and tiny homes.

Her past experience includes educational and industrial building projects. She also has extensive experience with site planning and computer rendering and presentations.

Kim is also a former professional food blogger having spent nearly 10 years as an influencer in the food and wellness community. She understands what it takes to represent brands and how to use engaging storytelling, high quality photography and SEO tactics to share brand messaging that is relevant to our readers.

About Lori

Lori is the “other woman” in the story. Although she’s still older than Kim, she tries to stay young at heart through sarcasm and laughter.

She is a licensed architect, and usually has some kind of DIY project percolating in her brain. They don’t always get done, but the ideas are there and some day ….

Lori lives in Central Illinois with her husband, three kids, and two cats, in a 1970’s ranch that they have slowly updated. She is interested in sustainable construction, old houses, and designing new homes with an abundance of light and character.

Previous work experience includes residential design, industrial design, and construction management.